How old is Everleigh Rose?

Everleigh Rose, whose full name is Everleigh Rose Smith Soutas, was born on 14 December 2012, and as of now(2023), she is 11 years, 6 month, 4 days old. 

Everleigh Rose is a famous American child actress, Instagrammer, YouTuber, and social media personality. She is also the daughter of famous Model and social media personality Savannah Labrant. 

Everleigh is a child prodigy. She is an excellent vlogger and gained huge fame when she was young. She faced the camera for the first time when she was only 9 years old, and since then, she has been engaged in numerous photo shoots, projects, and her Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube accounts, which her mother manages. 

Early Life

Everleigh Rose was born in a well-settled Christian family on 14 December 2012 in Orange County, California, USA. She is also a follower of the Christian faith and holds American nationality.

Everleigh is pursuing her early education at a local private school in her hometown. There is no information on the internet about the name of the school she is studying in. 

She is the daughter of a famous Model and social media influencer Savannah Labrant. She started practicing dancing and modeling at a very young age under the guidance of her mother. With her amazing dancing and posing skills, she attracted lots of people’s attention. It was like she was born to become a model and influencer. Her confidence while looking and talking into the camera amazed many, and she became an overnight sensation. 

Family/ Friends and Relationship 

Everleigh Rose was born to Savannah Labrant and Tommy Smith. Her father, Tommy Smith, was a businessman, and her mother, Savannah Labrant, is a famous model and social media personality. 

Because of some rifts between the couple, her parents divorced and parted ways. Later Savannah married Cole Labrant. Cole Labrant is a famous Youtuber and stepfather of Everleigh. 

Everleigh has two half-siblings from her mother’s side. Posie Rayne Labrant is her half-sister, and Cole Labrant is her half-brother. 

Everleigh currently lives with her mother and stepfather. She is doted on by her mother, who shares a strong bond with her. Her mother helped her learn to dance and modeling skills and guided her from a very young age. She also has very good relations with her stepfather. 

Coming to her relationship/ boyfriend then, Everleigh is currently 10 years old, which is undoubtedly a very young age to have a boyfriend. She is currently not engaged in any relationship and is currently single. But she likes the company of friends and spends time with them. She usually makes TikTok and YouTube videos with her bestie Ava Marie Foley. She is also the best friend of her dance partner, Diesel Rojas.


Everleigh Rose’s career started when she was only 9 months old when her mother, Savannah, shared some of her photographs. She started modeling with her mom and became an overnight sensation after her amazing photos went viral. She has often been spotted with her bestie Ava Foley, with whom she partners her social media accounts. She is highly fashionable and learned it all from her mother, who is a model. At the age of 3 or 4, when most children could not comprehend, she was modeling with perfect poses, which attracted the attention of many people, and she heaped a lot of praise. S

he loves to dress well and look pretty. She is candid and confident in front of the camera, which is natural. She has attracted a lot of attention with her amazing posing style and has created a lot of buzz in the virtual world with her clicked pics and clicks.  She has been featured in a campaign for Kardashian Kids and Vogue Australia. 

She is also a successful Youtuber with a self-titled Youtube channel of over 3.9 million subscribers. There she uploads vlogs and funny and entertaining videos. She is also present on Instagram and has over 5 million followers on her Insta account. Her mother, Savannah, manages her social media accounts. 

Net Worth

Everleigh Rose is currently only 10 years old and cannot legally own assets. Her mother manages her finances and takes good care of her. Her mother, Savannah, is also a famous model with an estimated net worth of around $3 million. Everleigh earns from her Youtube account, which has around 4 million subscribers. She is also a model and earns a lot of money from modeling. 

Latest Updated 

  • Everleigh Rose’s biological father, Tommy Smith recently, passed away on 15 September 2022. The cause of death is unknown. The father-daughter duo shared a bond, and his death has left Everleigh devastated. 
  •  Everleigh’s mother broke the news of her ex-husband’s death on her Instagram account and asked fans to maintain the family’s privacy. She also requested to pray for Everleigh, who was too young to bear the brunt of her father’s demise. 

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