How old is Biggy Norris?

Biggy Norris was born on 30 January 2009; as of 2023, he is 15 years, 2 month, 24 days old. Biggy Norris is a young American YouTuber who is famous for being a member of the Norris family. His family is full of content creators and has a Youtube channel, Norris Nuts, with millions of subscribers. The Norris family runs several Youtube channels, each with millions of subscribers.


Coda Biggy Cee Norris, popularly known as Biggy Norris, was born on 30 January 2009 in New Castle, Australia, in a well-to-do family. He was born into a Christian family. Biggy completed his elementary education at a local high school. There is not much information available about his further educational background. Still, according to some reports, he is not interested in pursuing further education as he is already well off in his career.

Biggy Norris was born to Justin Norris and Brooke Norris. His father, Justin, was a professional swimmer, and he won a Bronze medal in the 2000 Summer Olympics Games. His mother is currently a housewife, and she is also a former swimmer. Apart from their professional careers, his parents are famous YouTubers and frequently appear on Norris Nuts YouTube channel. Biggy has five siblings: Charm, Sabre, Disco, Naz, and Sockie Norris. Like him, all of his siblings are also YouTubers, and they have accounts with millions of subscribers.

Biggy was born into a family full of social media influencers, and it was easy for him to gain fame as his parents provided him with the launch pad. Biggy is a very good content creator, entertaining huge audiences with his amazing videos. He gained enormous fame at a very early age and has a bright future.

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