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Danielle Cohn age: Born on 4 March, Danielle Cohn is a renowned American singer and model. Although her birthdate is known, her year of birth is a matter of controversy. According to Danielle and her mom, she was born in the year 2004 and is currently 18 years old. But according to her father, her birth year is 2006, and she is 16 years old as of now. To know some more interesting facts about Danielle and her life, you may give this article a good read.

Personal Life of Danielle Cohn

Danielle Haleigh Cohn was born to parents Dustin Cohn and Jennifer Archambault in Florida, United States. However, soon after her birth, her parents decided to split up. She was brought up by her mother and had a good childhood. She has a sibling, namely Chad Cohn. As of now, Danielle resides in Los Angeles, United States, with her mother and elder brother. Danielle was keen on music and acting from an early age and her mother, who also happens to be her social media manager, played an important role in embracing her talent. She did her schooling at Florida Virtual School and is currently focused on her career.

Danielle’s Rise to Stardom

The initial exposure for Danielle was through TikTok, an app she found to be dumb at first but got attracted to the concept of lip-syncing videos, where she, too, started making similar videos. She participated in many beauty pageants and won the title “Miss Florida Pre-Teen” in the year 2015. Soon after her victory, Danielle’s videos started getting noticed and viewed by many people, which gave momentum to increase her social media followers. She was one of the first people who rose to a range of above 10 million followers on Tik Tok.

Initially, she kept her Tik Tok account to herself to the point she was approached by many renowned brands for sponsored content. She decided to include her mother in this once she understood the potential benefit of the account, which could become a life changer for her as she was getting somewhere around $300-$500 for her sponsored content in the starting.

Danielle’s mother was supportive of her new social media career and quit her job at a point to become Danielle’s full-time manager. In the year 2017, Danielle, along with her family, moved to Los Angeles in order to upgrade her social media career as a worthy profession, and this helped her to start her career as an esteemed music artist. Soon her other social media accounts on platforms like YouTube and Twitter also started attracting much fan base. Thousands started following her immediately as she started with her accounts on Instagram and YouTube. Apart from being a social media star, Danielle is also a proven singer. She launched many music albums, which, too, have a huge fan base. Some of her famous works include “Marilyn Munroe,” “Bailamos,” “I’m done,” “Hate on summers,” and others. She is also a Fashion model and has collaborated with many famous brands like Bang Energy. With

What all we have seen so far about this teenager, it would be no surprise that her earnings are going to be in triple-digit net worth valuation in the near future.

The controversy around Danielle Cohn

A recent Facebook post created by Danielle’s father, Dustin Cohn, kick-started a controversy regarding her age. He stated that Danielle was actually 16 years old and not 18 years, as claimed by Danielle. This outflow of confusing details, along with the release of the copy of her birth certificate on social media by her father, has really induced a mess. But still, her exact age is not verified. According to Danielle Cohn, she was born in 2004. But with the recent claim of her father, she was born in the year 2006 and not 2004. In response to this allegation, Danielle reiterated that her father is not on good terms with her. Danielle’s mother, too, came in support of her stating she was born in 2004.

Net-worth of Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn, within a short span of time, has earned well from her social media business which amounts to an estimated net worth of $2 million. This 16/18-year-old social media sensation has earned an impressive amount of fame from her music, TikTok, and Modelling career.

Physical Appearance

It’s always seen that Danielle Cohn keeps her body well-maintained. From various sources, it can be noted that her height is 4 feet 11 inches, and she weighs about 44 kilograms or 97 lbs. Being a tattoo lover, her body is done with different beautiful tattoos. She maintains black mid-length hair and has brown eyes.

Personal relationships

Danielle Cohn, since October 2021, has been in a relationship with a well-known TikTok star and social media influencer, Mason Patterson. Her past relationships were with Cole Galotti, Greg Marks, Case Walker, and Owen Bodnar. The recent age controversy has created aftershocks in her relationships as well. Her most recent relationship with Mikey Tua came to an abrupt end when Mickey Tua’s father intervened. He ended his son’s relationship with Danielle for his son not to get affected negatively due to the age controversy of Danielle. He cited issues if Danielle turned out to be a minor. However, the craziness was at its peak when they both were in a relationship. The two made prank videos that featured both of them.

Getting married and even came up with fake pregnancy of Danielle in the video, which did not go well in public, as reported by some sources.


Danielle Cohn, though only 16/18 years of age, has attained much popularity and attention from her followers. Her Instagram account “@daniellecohn” currently has 4.9 Million followers. She also holds 1.75 Million subscribers on Youtube. She is rising high in terms of popularity at a rapid pace through the constant display of her talent on various social media platforms. We hope this article gave you a good glimpse into the life of Danielle.

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