How old is Jenny Popach? Jenny popach age

How old is Jenny Popach: Jenny Popach age is 17 years, 6 month, 10 days as of today. As she was born on 15 November 2006. She is an American Tik Tok star and YouTuber. At the young age of 15 years, she managed to acquire a huge fan following. The popularity of Jenny Popach has made many people curious about her life. So here is a sneak peek into the life of Jenny Popach.

The early life of Jenny Popach

Jenny Popach was born and raised in Miami, Florida, United States. Her date of birth is 15 November 2005. Although she is known by the name Jenny Popach to all her audience, her real name is Roselie Arritola. Jenny Popach’s mother, Maria Ulacia, is a famous Tik Tok star and a content creator. So, it can be presumed that Jenny’s mother had contributed significantly to the imminent success of her daughter. Jenny was enthusiastic about dance from a young age, and she has acquired dance training as well. Jenny Popach is said to have younger brothers, but no relevant information is available about her brothers.

The career of Jenny Popach

Jenny Popach kicked off her career as a Tik Tok star in 2017 when she started posting dance videos on the platform. Her dance moves and attractive personality drew a lot of attention, and she started to gain popularity. Soon, Jenny Popach created her Youtube channel and amassed admiration there too. Recently, in 2020, Jenny joined Instagram and started to put up content related to her day-to-day life, fashion, and lifestyle.

She has been consistent with her Instagram account, which fascinates much of her audience. Jenny Popach is a fitness fanatic and a practitioner of gymnastics as well.


Real NameRoselie Arritola
Date of Birth15 November 2006
Jenny Popach age 17 years, 6 month, 10 days
Net Worth$0.6 Million
BirthplaceMiami, Florida, United States
Currently Live InMiami
Mother’s NameMaria Ulacia
Zodiac SignScorpio
ProfessionTik Tok star, dancer, Youtuber, Influencer
Education/QualificationPursuing High School

The physical appearance of Jenny Popach

Jenny Popach stands 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 48 kgs. She has dark brown hair and mesmerizing brown eyes. She holds a flattering personality with an attractive smile.

She takes good care of her health and possesses a graceful body.

The Hype House Controversy

In June 2020, Jenny Popach and her mother, Maria, attracted a lot of criticism from their tik tok fans. They were alleged of illegally entered the Hype house, which belongs to a group of adolescent Tik Tok stars. Some videos from the incident surfaced on Tik Tok, where Maria was checking out the belongings inside the house. They were even accused of stealing some of the stuff from the house. This got the Hype House members offended. Later the mother-daughter duo justified themselves by stating that they had the permission of the caretaker to enter the house and that they stole nothing.

Net Worth of Jenny Popach

Jenny Popach has reached the pinnacle of her career at the young age of 15 years. She attains the majority share of her income from her Tik Tok and youtube accounts. Jenny Popach holds a net worth of $0.6 Million, which is highly commendable.

Facts about Jenny Popach

  1. Jenny Popach was born on 15 November 2006 and is Jenny Popach age is 17 years, 6 month, 10 days .
  2. Jenny Popach is an American Tik Tok star loved for her dance videos and social media content.
  3. Jenny Popach joined Instagram in 2020 and has 248K followers.
  4. Jenny Popach is a gymnastic practitioner who often posts videos on her Instagram account.
  5. Jenny Popach came into the limelight with her controversy over breaking into the Hype House. Her tik-tok community criticized her.
  6. Jenny Popach lip-synced a video of Kylie Jenner and her daughter. That video became one of the most viewed videos of Jenny.


In recent years, Jenny Popach has surfaced as one of the most popular American Tik Tok stars. She has a vast fan following worldwide at the early age of 17 years, 6 month, 10 days . We hope this article made you familiar with different aspects of the life of Jenny Popach.

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