How old is Karen Huger?

Karen Hunger was born on 3 May 1963; as of 2023, she is 61 years, 0 month, 22 days . Karen Hunger is a famous American actress, entrepreneur, and reality television personality. She is well known for her performance in the TV show The Real Housewives of Potomac. She has achieved a lot of fame in her career and is also a social media icon with millions of followers on her different social media handles.


Karen Hunger was born on 3 May 1963 in Virginia, United States of America. She spent most of her childhood in Virginia, living with her large family. During her childhood, she lived on a very large family farm with her huge family. There is not much information available about where she pursued her elementary and high school education. She attended the University of Virginia, and from there, she completed her graduation. Later she explored various career opportunities and later chose an acting career and achieved a lot of fame.

Karen Hunger was born to Benjamin B Wooden JR and Georgia Raines Wooden. Her father was a hardworking man who worked relentlessly to make a living, which motivated Karen to pursue her dreams. Karen also gives a lot of credit for his success to her mother, who supported her in everything. Karen has a sister named Bridget and a brother named Mario.

Karen has had a successful career and won various awards and awards for her amazing performances. She is married to her husband, Raymond Hunger, and shares two children with him. She is a proud mother and is leading a happy life.

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