How old is Maluma?

Maluma is 30 years, 2 month, 26 days old as he was born on 28 January 1994. He is a famous Latin American singer, songwriter, and rapper. 

Personal Life 

Juan Luis London Arias is the full name of Maluma. He was born and raised in Medellin. His parents’ names were Marlli Arias and Luis London. He has got an older sister named Manuela. When Maluma was in middle school, he became interested in Football and started playing as a toddler. Later on, he started gaining interest in music and made up his mind that he wanted to continue his career in the same field. He graduated from the Hontanares school in El Retiro and motivated many of his friends to participate in local singing competitions there. 


If we talk about the career of Maluma, he has multiple career options as he is a singer, songwriter, and rapper. Maluma got his first break when he was just at the age of 15 years. He had composed his song and partnered with his friend, and released the song “No Quiero.” After that song, he gained some popularity and became known by some of the producers. As he has a very large name, some music producers suggested he change his name and make it shorter, So he changed it to Maluma. In 2012, Maluma was signed by Sony Music Columbia to record his first studio album, ‘ Magia.’ After that, he released many more songs, and many of them were very popular among the audience, such as “Loco,” “Obsession,” “Taboo,” etc. 


Maluma has a Networth of approximately around $22 million. Most of his income has come from the field of music as he has released many popular songs that have contributed to the growth of his income. 

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