How old is Mick Mars?

Mick Mars was born on 4 May 1951; as of 2023, he is 73 years, 0 month, 21 days old. Mick Mars is a well-known American singer and musician. He is also co-founder and lead guitarist of the rock band Mötley Crüe.


Mick Mars was born on 4 May 1951 in Terre Haute, Indiana, United States of America. Mars was born into a well-to-do middle-class Christian family. Mick Mars is a follower of the Christian religion, and he holds American nationality. Mick Mars was born to Tina Deal and Frank Deal. His father, Frank Deal, was a Baptist minister, and his mother was a housewife. He also has a sibling named Susie Deal. His family used to move around the country to find better job opportunities. Mick Mars completed his high school education at Westminster High School, but later in the 70s, he was expelled for unknown reasons.

Currently, Mick Mars is in a relationship with Fai McNasty. The couple has been in a relationship for quite some time now. Fai McNasty is a well-known Swiss model. Mick Mars has been married twice till now. He tied the knot for the first time in 1990 with EMI Canyon. Later the couple parted ways in 1994, but the couple maintained a pleasant relationship until the death of EMI Canyon in 2017. Mick Mars married for the second time in 2013 with Seraina Schönenberger. He also shares two children with his second wife, son Les Paul Deal and daughter Stormy Deal. Mick Mars has released successful albums like Generation Swine, Saints of Los Angeles’ and New Tattoo. Recently he announced his retirement from touring, which marked the end of a fascinating career.

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