How old is Mort?

Mortdecai, who is also famously known as Mort, is the protagonist in All Hail King Julien. He is a cute, lovable, and innocent mouse lemur. Being a fictional character, there is not much clarification about his age. He has also appeared as a side character in various movies, including Penguins of Madagascar, and as a major character in series like The Penguins of Madagascar and the tritagonist in All Hail King Julien.


He is in love with King Julien’s feet and falls in love with the feet of King Julien when he sees him using his feet to kick some fossa. He is so obsessed with his feet that he usually dreams about them and can even rip off a tree to fetch the feeds. King Julian is also not comfortable with Mort’s obsession with his feet and is irritated by his behaviour. King Julian is a very ruthless king who dominates nature. He wants Mort to follow all his orders. King Julian dislikes Mort because of his strange habits.

Mort has a very cute and innocent personality and is also featured on the zoo brochure in the movie. Most zoo visitors love Mort, and his soft toys are usually in demand for sale. Mort is portrayed as a very unfortunate character and is accused of various crimes. He is very loyal to King Julien and has a diverse personality. Overall he is a fascinating character who engages the audience and has many followers.

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