How old is Paimon Genshin impact?

Paimon is a non-playable character(NPC) in the Genshin impact video game. There is not much clarification about the current age of Paimon, but according to the game, she is seven years old and celebrates her birthday on 1 June. Although she is quite young and looks very small, with a height of around 2 feet, she possesses infinite knowledge.


In the video game, the appearance of Paimon is like a girl child, and she is one of the game’s female characters. She usually accompanies travelers as their guide in their adventure in Teyvat.
She is a blunt and honest girl who never hesitates to tell what she likes and doesn’t. She is a voracious eater and has a huge appetite. She has a very small body which makes her very cute and beautiful. Paimon has fair skin, dark purple eyes, and White hairs cropped above her shoulders.

She usually wears a white jumper with long sleeves, a night blue cap and white shoes. She has a very human appearance and wears a crown which adds stars to her beauty. Even though she is a good companion, not everything about her character is perfect, and sometimes she is rude because of her capricious behavior. The traveler meets Paimon for the first time in Genshin Impact by fishing her out of the water by accident. Overall, Paimon is a fascinating character, and opinions about her vary from person to person.

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