How old is Tamaki Amajiki?

Tamaki Amajiki is the main character of the popular animation series My Hero Academia. Tamaki Amajiki is a student in Class 3-A at U.A. High School and part of The Big 3, a group of three strongest hero students in Japan. According to the timeline of the animation series, Tamaki Amajiki was born on 4 March and is 18 years old. He comes off as very aloof, shy, intimidating, and introverted. He usually avoids talking with other people as he easily gets scared or nervous when talking to them. He usually faces away to hide his face from others. This also happens when he has some ominous feeling or feels humiliated.


Despite being shy, he is a very brave person and was able to hone his abilities and climb the ranks into one of the U.A.’s Big 3. He is one of the most powerful students of U.A.’s High School alongside Nejiro Hado and Mirio Togata, and the group of all three is known as The Big 3. According to the series, Tamaki has some great abilities and skills that outclass most pro heroes. He has unique abilities which give him an upper hand against his enemies. He is currently one of the most followed animated characters and has millions of followers worldwide.

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