How old is Tiana Wilson?

Tiana Wilson was born on 24 December 2007, and as of today, she is 16 years, 5 month, 25 days old.  She is a famous British Youtuber who gained fame by making YouTube videos. Tiana usually makes children-focused videos and has a Toys-based Youtube channel where she posts videos, including unboxing, reviews, etc. Her main channel has 11.4 million subscribers. Apart from her main channel, she also has a secondary channel where she posts vlogs, challenges, and funny videos. 

Tiana is very famous among children and has achieved fame at a tender age. She is very open with her Youtube audience and shares her life details with them in her vlogs. 

Early Life

Tiana Wilson was born on 24 December 2007 in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom. Tiana was born into a Christian family, and she also professes Christianity. Tiana holds British nationality. 

Tiana is currently pursuing her early education at a local High School in her Hometown, Nottingham, UK. Tiana is a bright child and is good at studies. She has had a keen interest in Toys since childhood, and she started posting videos on YouTube about different types of Toys that children liked. Her family has supported her throughout her Journey and helped her in every way possible. Sometimes she also features her family members in her videos, showcasing the family’s strong bond. 


Tiana Wilson was born to Nigel and Cherina Wilson. Her father, Nigel Wilson, is a successful businessman and has been featured in many of her videos. Her mother, Cherina Wilson, is a Homemaker and has also been featured in her videos. 

Tiana has one sibling, her elder brother Jordan Wilson. He has also been featured in many of her videos and shares a strong bond with her. 

Tiana’s family is supportive of her and sometimes appears in her videos. Her family is very open to her. She recently made a video with her mom titled “Asking My Mum *Uncomfortable* Questions Your Too Afraid To Ask,” in which she talked about personal questions reflecting their strong bond. She has also made similar videos with her father talking about her personal affairs. 


Seeing her Massive fan following, her relationship status becomes an obvious question. Talking about Tiana’s marital status, she is currently unmarried. Now coming to her Boyfriend, Tiana Wilson doesn’t have a boyfriend and isn’t active in any relationship. She recently uploaded a video on her main channel, “Tiana,” titled “Girl Talk- Boyfriend, Relationship, Periods, School *Answering Your Juicy Questions*” in which she revealed that she isn’t active in any relationship. 


Tiana started her Youtube Journey in 2015. She started a Youtube channel with the help of her father and named it “Tiana.” She uploaded her first video on 12 April 2015, titled “New Kids Toy Channel:) Toys AndMe,” which amassed over 300k views. She uploaded another video on the same day titled “Shopkins Small Mart SHOPKINS| Limited Edition Shopkins |” which amassed 90k views.

She started uploading kids friendly content on her YouTube channel. She uploaded unboxing videos of different toys, which intrigued children, and she started gaining popularity. She later started posting gaming videos, and her views increased exponentially. Her videos were interactive and kids friendly, which helped her to consolidate her influence on her audience. She mainly posted Roblox Gameplay videos on her main account. 

Some of the famous videos on her Youtube account “Tiana” are “ORBEEZ Challenge #3 MLP | Shopkins Toys AndMe” with over 62 million views and “Kids Driving Power Wheels Ride On Car – McDonald’s Drive Thru Prank!” With over 70 million views. 

After the success of her main YouTube channel, she started another Youtube channel and named it “Tiana Wilson.” She usually posts Vlogs, Challenges, Pranks, and entertainment videos on this channel and has amassed over 5.9 million subscribers.

Some of the famous videos on this channel are ” SLIME PRANK IN MY DAD’S HOT TUB,” with over 128 million views, and “TIANA’S GIANT SMILE BUBBLE,” with over 62 million views. She is also active on Instagram and has 486k followers on her Instagram account. 

Net Worth

The Net Worth of Tiana Wilson is estimated to be around $3.5 million. She mainly earns from her Youtube account. She has a subscriber count of over 17 million on both channels combined and earns a whopping amount of money from YouTube. She also earns from advertisements and brand promotions. 

Latest Information 

  • Tiana Wilson recently bought a new house and uploaded her new house tour video on her Youtube channel.
  • Tiana recently uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled “Asking My Parents *UNCOMFORTABLE* Questions Your Too Afraid To Ask,” where she talked about her matters with her parents.

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