How old is Tilly Green?

Tilly Green is a fictional character in Disney Channel animated series “Big City Greens.” In the series, Tilly is a young girl living in a big city with her family. In the series, Tilly is depicted as a young girl of around ten years old, and there is no direct evidence of her age in the series. This estimation is done based on her appearance in the series.

The series depicts Tilly as a young, genuine, kind-hearted individual who loves nature and animals. In the series, she usually adventures with her brother and friends, explores the city and discovers new things.

Even though Tilly is showcased as a young individual, she often plays an important role in the group and has an inherent problem-solving ability. She is also famous for her artistic abilities and creativity and frequently makes crafts and unique designs.

Overall, Tilly is a very lovable character, and she is liked by the fans of the series “Big City Greens,” because of her young age, she seems innocent and pure of heart, which adds charm to her personality. Her character is very enticing, and she is one of the most favorite characters in television series.

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