How old is Bill Goldberg?

Bill Goldberg’s age is 57 years, 3 month, 27 days old, As he was born on December 27, 1966. He was born in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. By profession, he is a professional wrestler, Football player, and actor. 

Personal Life

William Scott Goldberg is the real name of Bill Goldberg. He is of Russian-Jewish descent. Bill has two brothers, namely Michael and Steve. He completed his schooling from the Tulsa Edison High School. As he got very passionate about football, Bill started working as a Bouncer at the early age of 16 years. He was married to Wanda Feeraton in the year 2005, and he has a child as well. 


After recognition of his football skills, he got a scholarship from the University of Georgia and played for their football team. He was part of the Canadian Football League and has also played in some seasons of the NFL. He left football as his lower abdomen had torn off his Pehvis. Then, he began powerlifting and moved on to the career of wrestling. People recognized him when he joined the WCW championship and got a lengthy undefeated streak. He won a world title at the 1999 Halloween Havoc and is the only wrestler who has won the WCW World Heavyweight championship. However, in the year 2004, Bill took a retirement from wrestling and started doing commentary. 


Bill Goldberg has a net worth of $16 million. He is an athlete, and almost all of his net worth has been gained from the field of his skills in football and wrestling. Moreover, he has tried his hands on commentary, entrepreneurship, and acting, which must have added some value to his income. 

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