How old is Rosie Perez?

Rosie Perez age is 59 years, 0 month, 16 days old as she was born on September 6, 1964. She is an American actress, a talk show host, and a community activist. 

Early life

Rosie Perez is a resident of Brooklyn, New York. Her parents illegally immigrated from Puerto Rico to the USA. Her mother was in prison, so she used to frequently come and give birth to a child and went back. Rosie has been with her aunt since her childhood. She has been fully taken care of by her aunt. Rosie did her schooling at Grover Cleveland High School, and later on, she went on to complete her major in biochemistry at the Los Angeles City College, but she later dropped out of college because of her interest in dancing. 


Rosie Perez has a very motivating as well as a very beautiful career. She got her first breakthrough when a director spotted her Spoke Lee in 1988 in a dance club. The next year, Lee cast her in a film titled “Do the right thing,” The film was a hit, and because of the success of this movie, Rosie got roles in many more movies such as “Night on Earth,” “Fearless,” “It could happen to you,” etc. Rosie has also got a career in television as she has appeared in many television shows and till now she is doing roles in television. She has appeared in shows such as “Widows,” “The flight attendant”, “Search Party”, etc. 


Rosie Perez has a net worth of $12 million. She has been part of many movies and television shows, which all contributed to the growth of her income. 

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