How old is Ashnikko?

Ashnikko’s age is 28 years, 3 month, 28 days old as she was born on February 19, 1996, in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. She is a famous rapper, songwriter and singer. She is most famous for her songs in pop, hip-hop, rock and punk genres. 

Personal Life

The full name of Ashnikko is Ashton Nicole Casey. She was raised in the city of Greensboro. In an interview, she said that her family follows Christianity practices, but she does not do the same. Many things about her personal life of Ashnikko have not been known to the people as she doesn’t like to talk much about her personal life in public. However, in June 2019, Ashnikko stated on the platform of Twitter that she is bisexual, but till now, nothing about her relationship status has been known. 


Ashnikko’s started in 2016 when she uploaded her first song, “Krokodil”, to SoundCloud. Famous producer Raf Riley produced this song. From 2017 to 2018, she sang and uploaded multiple songs like Sass Pancakes and Unlikable, but they weren’t popular. However, in the year 2019, she uploaded her song titled “Hi, It’s Me” This song reached new heights as it got viral in TikTok and song was used by more than 400,000 people on the Tiktok platform and song had got more than 10 million streams in the platform of Spotify. Moreover, after that, she had also sung many other songs, but “Demidevil” was the most popular among them. 


Ashnikko has got a Networth of more than $4 million. Currently, she is one of the most prominent rappers in the world. Most of her income comes from the music industry, such as music streams, tours, and concerts, and some other part of her income also comes from brand collaboration and social media promotions. We have completed sharing the short overview of the life of Ashnikko, and we have also answered your most asked question, “How old is Ashnikko”. So we hope that you have liked our article. 

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