How old is Shirley Caesar?

Shirley Caesar’s age is 85 years, 8 month, 5 days old; she was born on October 13, 1938. She is a famous singer and is most popular for her gospel and Christian hip-hop songs. She is also known as the Queen of the gospel and the first lady of the gospel. 

Personal life

Shirley Caesar is a US citizen, and she was born in Durham, North Carolina. Her full name is Shirley Ann Caesar. Her parents have 13 children, and she was the 10th among them. All of her siblings are currently not in this world. Shirley’s father was also a gospel singer, and he left the world when she was just 7 years old. Her mother has got a lame leg, and Shirley has a special love for her mother, and she took care of her mother until she died in the year 1986. 


Shirley started singing when she was just a kid. During that time, she sang for her family at some of the functions and other occasions. But deep down, she had a great love for gospel songs and in the year 1958, she got her first breakthrough when she approached Albertina Walker to join “the Caravans”, the most popular music group during that time. After that, she never looked back and worked with several secular record labels and released many of her albums. 

Net Worth 

Shirley has got a Networth of approximately $16 million. She was part of some of the most famous gospel labels and has also released many very popular albums. These all contribute to her income and have brought her a net worth of $16 million. Here, we have tried to give you a short overview of the life of famous gospel singer Shirley Caesar, and we hope that you have liked our article and have got the answer to your question about “How old is Shirley Caesar?”

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