How old is Huey Lewis?

Huey Lewis’s age is 73 years, 7 month, 21 days old, as he was born on July 5, 1950. He was born in the United States in the city of New York. He is a singer, songwriter, and actor by profession. 

Personal Life

As stated earlier, Huey was born and raised in New York City. The full name of Huey Lewis is Hugh Antony Cregg. Huey’s father was an Irish American, and his mother was a Polish from Warsaw. He was raised in California and went to Strawberry Point Elementary School, and later on, he graduated from Cornell University. His parents apart their ways as her mother has an extramarital affair with a poet named Lew Welch, who later became Huey’s stepdad. 


Huey Lewis has three careers as a singer, songwriter, and actor. His music career started in 1971 when he joined the Bay Area band Cover. He was part of many albums by the band, such as “I Want a new drug”, “The Heart of Rock and Roll”, “If this is it”, etc. Some of his band’s songs have also been in the top 10 positions of the Billboard Top 100. If we talk about acting career of Lewis, it started with his cameo appearance in the movie “Back to the Future”, where he played the role of a teacher. After that, he was also part of other movies and television roles. 


Huey Lewis has a net worth of approximately $25 million. He has three careers, so all those careers contribute to his income. Such as his songs were viral, so he would have earned a whopping amount of money from them. Moreover, he has acted in some movies, which would have made him some money. Here’s the ending of our short overview of the life of Huey Lewis. We hope you have got the answer to your question about “How old is Huey Lewis?” 

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