How old is Rosie Rivera?

Rosie Rivera’s age is 42 years, 11 month, 15 days old, as she was born in California on July 3, 1981. She is famous for appearing on the reality show Rica, Famosa, Latina. 

Personal Life

The full name of Rosie Riveria is Rosa Amelia Riveria. Much about her personal life has yet to be disclosed, but according to Wikipedia, she has two children, Samantha Chay Flores, and Elias Melek, with his husband, Abel Flores. 


There needs to be more to talk about the career of Rosie Riveria. Her career started in 2013 when she joined the third season of “I Love Jenni”. Later on, in the year 2014, she, along with her family, started appearing in the reality show named Rica, Famosa, Latina. After that, she wrote multiple books which covered her life experience in different ways. Its readers praised those books, and people loved her writing style. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Rosie Rivera is approximately $4 million. Most of her income has come from the sales of her books. Apart from that, she has also worked for some reality shows that have paid her some money. This is the ending of our short overview of the life of Rosie Riveria. We have tried to give you a clear answer to your question, “How old is Rosie Rivera?” Hopefully, it has given you a clear answer to your question. 

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