How old is Kid Laroi? Kid Laroi age

How old is the kid laroi– Kid Laroi is a famous Australian singer, songwriter, and rapper. He gained fame when the late famous American rapper Juice Wrld toured Australia. He had a good friendship with him and was closely associated with him. His popularity increased after his songs like “Let her go” and “Go” got viral, and his name was added to the world’s rising music stars.

Kid Laroi was born on 17 August 2003, and as of now (2023), he is 20 years, 8 months, 6 days old. He was born into a Christian family and professes Christian religion. He was raised in Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia, and is Australian by nationality.

Early life of Kid Laroi

Kid Laroi’s original name is Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard. He was born on 17 August 2003. His parents divorced when he was only 4 years old, and his life became chaotic. Laroi didn’t receive much support and love from his father as his mother raised him. His mother’s financial condition was not good, and sometimes she had to do illicit activities like selling drugs to make a living. He later shifted to the countryside to live with his grandparents, mother, and brothers. There he joined two different private schools, but his experience was very as he was subjected to being bullied, and seeing this, his mother shifted back to Sidney.

Kid Laroi’s mother enrolled him in the Australian Performing Arts Grammar School in New South Wales, Australia, to complete his early schooling. His mother worked hard to educate her children, and Laroi knows about his mother’s contribution to his career during the crisis. He tried to help her by working part-time at a fruit store.

He had a craving desire to fulfill his dream as a singer. For that, he wanted to build an International relationship with other stars, so he used to wait outside the hotels of big stars, and when they came down, he started playing his music to get their attention of them.

Kid Laroi Family

Kid Laroi’s mother’s name is Sloane Howard. She works as a music executive and talent manager, and the father name of Kid Laroi is Austin Howard. He is a sound engineer and music producer. Large doesn’t have enough memories with his father as his parents divorced when he was at the tender age of 4, and his mother raised him. His uncle fulfilled the father’s role in his life and was close to him, but a real problem arose when his uncle was assassinated. This brought a bundle of miseries to his family, and he had to cope. Laroi also has a younger brother whose name is Austin Howard.

The career of Kid Laroi

Kid Laroi has been a music lover since childhood. He used to record “raps” on his mother’s phone and upload them on SoundCloud. He had a plethora of rap ideas at such a young age and used to fill his notebooks with rap lyrics. In 2015 he worked with DJ Marcus Jr. They recorded songs together and sold them to local audiences; Laroi enhanced his skills by working under him. Later he met Khaled Rohaim and started working with him. Rahaim was very compassionate as he adjusted well with Laroi and managed his financial conditions as he used to pick him up from different places so that they could record songs. Laroi started getting popular locally, and his popularity increased slowly and steadily. He also signed a deal with Sony Music Australia in 2017. 

Laroi released his debut EP, 14 With Dream, on 16 Aug 2018. He also became the center of attraction after he became the finalist of Triple J Unearthed high competition. He also shared the stage with multiple prominent rappers and singers, which further enhanced his popularity. 

He got a major opportunity when famous American rapper Juice Wrld toured Australia in 2018. They both shared the stage and performed together. Laroi got to learn lots of things and groomed his rapping under the guidance of Juice Wrld. 

Later his song “Let Her Go” became popular when he got a contract with Columbia Records. He then again released another massive hit under the mentorship of Juice Wrld, “Go .”His songs are the depiction of his real-life struggles and connect automatically with the audience. He is a natural rapper and is loved by his fans. 

Kid Laroi Net Worth

As of now(2023), the estimated net worth of Kid Laroi is around $4 million. He earns from different sources like his social media accounts, collaboration, brand endorsement, his singing projects. 


  • Kid laroi was only 4 years old when his parents divorced.
  • The most asked question is, “How old is Kid Laroi“.Kid larai was born on August 17, 2003, and is 20 years, 8 months, 6 days old as of today.
  • Kid laroi is currently not in any relationship and is focusing on his singing career.
  • Kid laroi had a very struggling childhood as his mother worked hard to make a living.
  • Kid laroi recently finished his first international tour.
  • He is currently working on his debut album, which will be released soon.

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