How old is Rem?

Rem is an anime character, and being a non-living character, it is difficult to guess her age.
In the modern trend, Anime has become immensely popular and is a major source of entertainment worldwide with a myriad of fascinating characters. Rem is a popular anime character with millions of admirers worldwide. Rem is a character in the series Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World and therefore being an anime character. She does not have an exact age.


Rem first appeared in the novel Re: Zero- Starting Life in Another World by Tappei Nagatsuki, and later she was adapted into an anime series. Rem is a member of a demon-like race which is known as Oni, with a maid uniform and blue hair. In the series, she initially works as a supporting character. Still, later due to her generous nature and loyalty to the protagonist Subaru, she becomes one of the series’ most loved characters, and despite being a subordinate character, she has a huge impact on the audience.

Regarding her looks, Rem is a young adult, and her age is stated neither in the novel series nor in the Anime. She typically wears a maid uniform. Rem has hair clips and a flower-shaped ribbon on the left side of her hair.

Rem is of good character and speaks candidly and sometimes rashly. She feels both respect and guilt towards her sister because of some previous incidents, and she thinks herself inferior to her sister. When Subaru saved her, she fell in love with him and became one of his most loyal followers.
Overall, Rem is a fascinating character and is loved by fans. Her character is guileless and is loved by everyone.

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