How old is Vince Neil?

Vince Neil is 63 years, 4 month, 10 days old and was born on February 8, 1961, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. He is an American singer and musician. 

Personal Life

The real name of Vince Neil is Vincent Neil Wharton. His father belongs to the Native American ancestry, and his mother belongs to the Mexican descent. In the 60s, his family moved from Los Angeles to Glendora. Vince Neil started schooling at Sunflower Intermediate School and later moved to Royan Pak High School. As a child, he was very much interested in the field of music. Apart from that, he also loves playing outdoor games such as Basketball, Football, and Wrestling. He is a tall guy with a height of approximately 5 feet 11 inches and weighs around 170 lbs (77kg).


In the year 1981, Vince joined Motley Crue as their lead Vocalist. Along with them, he contributed to making two albums titled “Too Fast for Love and Shout at the Devil.” The band received an international presence as both albums skyrocketed and were listened to and loved by millions of people worldwide. Vince became popular; however, his downfall started in the year 1991 when the band left him alone because of his excessive drinking habit and his habit of skipping rehearsals. After the departure, Vince started releasing single albums such as “Exposed,” “Carved in Stone,” etc. 


The net worth of Vince Neil is approximately around $50 million. He earned most of this income from the field of music. Apart from that, he has business ventures such as bars and restaurants, which have also added to his income. 

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