How old is Dorit Kemsley?

Dorit Kemsley’s age is 47 years, 9 month, 9 days . She was born on July 14, 1976, in Woodbridge, Connecticut, US. She is a television personality and a fashion designer. She is most famous for her role in the seventh season of the reality tv show “The real housewives of Beverly Hills.” 

Personal Life 

As mentioned earlier, Dorit Kemsley was born in Woodbridge, Connecticut, US. Her parents were Jewish. She has got a nickname of Rita-Ra which was called to her by her family and friends. Her father was an Israeli, and she belonged to Morocco. She got a degree in marketing, design and communication from Quinnipiac University. After that, she moved on to Europe, where she stayed for more than ten years in the country Italy. 


Dorit was the founder of the swimwear line company Beverly Beach, and she also owns the other brand named Nektaria, where she sells bridal collections. She is part of the famous reality Tv show “The real housewives of Beverly Hills”. In 2016, Dorit also appeared on the television show “Million dollar listing los angeles” as a guest with her husband. In that particular show, they put up their home for sale. 


The net worth of Dorit Kemsley is approximately $50 million. She is a fashion designer and has designed many clothes for huge brands, leading her to this wealth. She is also a television personality and has appeared in many reality shows, which adds to her income. 

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