How old is Karma?

Karma Akabane is an anime character who appeared in the anime Assassination Classroom as a student in Koro Sensei’s classroom. He appeared in the third episode of the anime Karma Time, in which he returned to his school, where he was earlier suspended for his violent behavior. Karma wants to kill his teacher Koro Sensei, and he can do anything for that. He wants to earn the bounty for himself and his friends by killing Koro Sensei.


Karma has sharp pale eyes, short red hair, and pale skin. He has an innocent-looking face which beguiles his torturous and repulsive personality. He has muscular looks, and he is a very powerful character.

Karma is the only student in class 3-E who wears only a black blazer instead of a typical school uniform. He is a very physically attractive character, and most of the girls are infatuated with him.
He is infamous in his school for his violent behavior and troublesome personality. He is an ingenious character who does a lot of mischievous deeds, and sometimes he even manipulates and humiliates others. He has a very relaxing attitude and usually skips those things and activities which he finds boring. He is a fan of superhero movies like Sonic Ninja.

Despite all these negative personality traits, he also has a soft heart and sometimes helps people, as once he rescued a senior from being bullied.

He has a very troublesome personality but still scores good marks. People have varied opinions about him, and if you are a fan of him, you can read this article, where we have covered everything you need to know about Karma.

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