How old is Redman?

Redman is 54 years, 2 month, 1 days old, born on April 17, 1970. He is an American rapper, DJ, Record producer and actor. 

Personal Life

The real name of Redman is Reginald Noble. He was born and brought up in Newark, New Jersey. He completed his schooling at the West Side High School. After completing his education, he went to Montclair State University but was expelled because of his low grades. He had no other option but to return to his mother, who kicked him out of her home. 

Professional Life 

When Redman was 18 years old, he started rapping. He began freestyling and used to give performances at various parties and house parties around New York. In 1992, he released his first album, “Whut? Thee Album”. Then he released his next song, “The Source.” That song went to new heights, getting him the title of “Rap Artist of the Year” by many magazines. He released numerous songs, many of whom had secured their places in Billboard Best Hundred. Some of his most famous songs are “Da Goodness,” “Docs the Name 2000”, “All Eyes on Me”, etc. 


The net worth of Redman is $10 Million. He has earned most of his income from the field of music. Most of his income has come from his rap concerts and the sales of his albums. Apart from that, he has other career options that have paid him well. 

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